Engine Issues leading to Replacement

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Re: Engine Issues leading to Replacement

od Tříprsťák » čtvrtek 15. březen. 2018 21:49

Hello, what type of car do You own? If it is an Italian car from Year 1970 or older, You are in a right site here. Please, write us the model, year of production and type of engine of Your car. I hope somebody will answer to You.

Engine Issues leading to Replacement

od davefollmers » čtvrtek 8. březen. 2018 9:37


I brought it to the dealer and they found (my new oil from an oil change a month before) to be black and had metal shavings in it.I was told that the entire engine had to be replaced due to an "unknown manufacturers defect". A few months later and I still have no answers as to why my engine failed and had to be replaced. I want to know if anyone else has had this issue. Looking around on the internet I can not find anything about this in a 2017 sportage. Can anyone give me some real info on my car?

Please help.

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